Excerpt in Spanish, English, Arabic FEAT Stacy Antonel, Marie Haddad and TH Culhane. Please stream the complete work using this button to let me know you’ve been here + put another mil into my giveback till.

Song of Songs (Shir Hashirim) is a collection of love songs found in the Bible. It is thought to trace back to the early Kingdom of Judea, and was an integral part of the spring harvest festival that surrounded the Passover rites and worship at Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. 

In creating Song of Songs of Love for All, I envisioned a reawakening of the unifying forces of human nature – the need to love and care for one another. The melody is derived from cantillation tropes used during the Passover season. dating back over 1200 years, based on an oral tradition with even more ancient roots. The enchanting tonalities, still used to enhance the Masoretic text in expressing the simple beauty of love, reverberate to this day as echoes of the oldest surviving love song. 

I am grateful for the support of dear friends who helped me establish the musical rhythm and feel, and record these beautiful verses in several languages, meaningful to my family‚Äôs 2000 year migration. Because this biblical work of love is the most translated of all love songs on earth, I hope this song finds a common bond for all of us. 

Vocal contributors
Hanan Leberman
Stacy Antonel
Marie Haddad
TH Culhane
Ted Stern
Cheryl Katz

Jules Stewart – drums, rhythm, feel
Ted Stern – bass, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, banjo, violin, pedal steel guitar

Produced, recorded and mixed by Jeff Berkley at Satellite – San Diego, California
Mastered by Robinson Mastering