In Search of the First Love Song

A letter from me in isolation

Dear A —  your note was awe inspiring in a way I can barely express… there’s this desire from deep in my muse connected brain that has finally bubbled up to the surface.  In Search Of the First Melody… digging deep while isolated here and the world swirling around like constellations in fast motion.   Looking for the primordial love song – I came up with the Song of Songs, deeply romantic and joyfully sexual poetry from around 2800 years ago, with a melody that can be traced back at least 1200 years, but may be much older than that and handed through the generations – the beautiful and airy trope is used for Passover, spring harvest festival love song. I want to steer the ship just a tiny bit back on to track, to remember how to love — the beauty captured in this ancient love song – that’s the only thing I can think of to do while watching the world from this tiny bubble – to make one butterfly sneeze. 


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